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Oil Tank Inspections

A Inspection Of An Existing Oil Tank Or Underground Scan Of The Property Will Inform You On The Conditions Of The Tank Or If There Is A Hidden Oil Tank

At Pacific West Home Inspections, you will receive the following professional service and more:

  • A Licensed Building Consultant Certified By ASTTBC With Over 30 Years Experience.
  • Oil Tank Specialist Both Residential & Commercial.
  • Provide On Site Inspection Assessment – Consultant Services & Underground Scan.
  • Examine All Aspects Of The Oil Tank Installation.
  • Document All Visible Issues And Provide A Narrative Report With Photos.
  • Assure Works Undertaken By Today’s Oil Tank Standards & Code Compliance & Meet The Requirement Of You Insurance Company.

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Understanding Oil Tanks

Real estate transactions can be put at risk if a client purchases a property with an above or underground fuel oil tank and is denied building/property owners insurance. If a client finds that an existing tank has not been registered, inspected or disclosed by the property owner or Real Estate sales agent, remedial action may cost them or you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars not only of the subject property by also the surrounding properties.

Oil Tank Scanning

Pacific West Building Inspections is currently the only company in British Columbia as a certified building inspector that performs the oil tank scan of the property.

Mortgage brokers and homeowners insurance companies require the oil tank scan certificate of homes that there is a concern that there was/is an oil tank buried on the property.

Using the latest technology, we will scan your residential property with a state of the art Schonstedt GA-92XT metal detector to determine if you have a buried oil tank or (RUST) Residential Underground Storage Tank on the property.

Above Ground Oil Tank Inspection

An above oil tank visual assessment is an inspection of its oil tank and its related components and systems to be sure that the tank is installed correctly by industry standards and in good condition.

Meet The Requirements For Your Insurance Company

All Regions of British Columbia have houses that are heated with fuel oil and to assure and minimize any type of oil spillage and that the systems and related components are in good condition and functional, a visual survey should be undertaken. A document will be provided of all visible issues (if any) and provide a narrative report with photos for you and your insurance company.